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Top 10 Website Builders A Monkey Could Use

  • bestwebsitebuilderBuilding a website isn’t as easy as it once was and it becomes more and more difficult as every year passes. If you’re set on building your own website,  we’ve put together a list of  the top 10 easiest website builders even a monkey could build a website with. We’ve included a short review about each website builder along with pricing to help you get started.

    It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to build a website for your church, a photography business, a restaurant, a wedding or your real estate ventures these are the best website builders out there and some of them are free or very cheap.

    So strap in, get your geek on and learn more about your website builder options below:

    #1 Squarespace Website Builder:

    Squarespace offers a very easy website builder with a clean simple to understand interface. If you like Apple’s minimalistic approach to user interfaces then you’ll love this platform. You can implement common and advanced features into your website including blogs and ecommerce carts. They offer a free trial with no credit card required and plans range from $8 – $24 per month.

    #2 Weebly:

    Weebly is a website builder we’ve personally used on a dozen different websites and it’s surprisingly dummy proof (hey, we did it). We’re convinced an elementary school child could build a professional website using Weebly. Their drag-n-drop web builder software makes it very simple to create any type of website from a blog to a full-blown ecommerce store. Pricing ranges from free to $25 per month and the free option allows you to make a great website so no need to upgrade unless you need more options.

    #3 Wix:

    With over 2.4 million likes on Facebook, Wix has been around the block and seems to be one of the best free website builders out there. While we have never personally used Wix to build a website we do know it’s a major contender. Like the other free website builders it’s free to get your website up but there are likely upsells for enhanced features and options.

    #4 Godaddy Website Builder:

    If you don’t know who Godaddy is then you better just pay a professional to build your website (just kidding) but seriously they’ve been around forever and have one of the most popular website builders on the planet. Godaddy’s website builder interface hasn’t always been the easiest to use for beginners but someone down there has it figured out. Pricing ranges from $1 – $10.99 per month but beware Godaddy is the undisputed upsell king and they will try and turn a simple $1 purchase into hundreds of dollars so skip the desert and go with the basics.

    #5 Yahoo Website Builder:

    Yahoo offers a website builder software as a free download or an online website builder similar to it’s competitors. They give you a boat load of templates to choose from and offer the simple drag-n-drop features similar to other website builders. It appears however they don’t host your website so you will need a separate web hosting plan once your website is done.

    #6 Vistaprint Website Builder:

    Vistaprint may be known for business cards but they’ve also had an easy website builder for quite some time. Your first month with them is free and then pricing varies from $5 to $30 per month.

    #7 WordPress:

    This list wouldn’t be legit if it didn’t include WordPress. Probably the biggest and most versatile platform in the world for building just about any website imaginable. You can either build your website right on or you can download their software and upload it to any host you prefer. WordPress is free however some plugins and extras offered by third parties can cost money.

    #8 Google Web Designer:

    Google offers a downloadable website builder software that appears to be a bit over the top for the average joe however it is free and Google offers plenty of documentation to help you along. While this builder is a bit more advanced it is offered by the king of web search so your website code should be clean and up to Googles high standards giving you a ranking advantage over sites built with other platforms.


    Another giant, has a beautiful layout and website builder interface for making your vision come to life. With hundreds of templates to choose from you can come up with a layout that fits your project. Pricing is competitive with the basic free plan up to $23 per month. You can’t go wrong with Webs.

    #10 Homestead/Intuit Website Builder:

    One of the veterans in this space, Homestead has been offering a website builder for years but to us it seems they’ve lacked any initiative to give their platform a face lift. It’s old school and it works but any of the above website builders will serve you better. Homestead website builder is free for the first month and then it’s around $6 monthly.

    There you have it, if you’re a die hard do-it-yourselfer any of the above website builders will help you get the job done. You need zero flash or html code writing abilities and in the end you’ll have a website that will impress your customers, friends or family.

    Also, if you’re concerned you need to also use a mobile website builder to build a separate website, you’re wrong. 99% of the website builders above will automatically convert your website so it displays properly on mobile devices. With over 60% of web traffic coming from mobile devices it’s critical your website displays properly on phones and tablets.

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