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  • Dede
    Question:- You may buy some bathing pewodr for hamsters in pet shops, and have a "sand" bath for them per week, so that they would keep themselves clean.For hamsters, 左搔右搔 is a kind of common habit, but should not be too often. Keep bath per few days (approx. 2 times a week) should improve this situation.Hamsters should not be put together more then 2 per cage. No unisex accommodation coz female hamster could be extremely aggressive to male hamsters. Take the hamsters to pet shops to confirm their genre and you would make a better decision.
    Answer:- No Response Yet...
  • Gabriella
    Question:- Eric December 10, 2011 - 1:43 pm Hey we are coming to Vegas aunord the end of January for our anversiry and was emailing you to make sure you will be open. The days we will be down are Jan 25-28. I am a game collector and hardly can find games for the NES in Arkansas I have about 175 games left to complete my collection. I do have a few key games I am looking for if you dont mind i might send you a list and tell me if you have them.Thanks,Eric
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